1. Congratulations 🥳 🥳on getting nominated. You deserve it.
    But Sorry. I don’t want to hurt you. You made such an effort to make my link and post here  , nominating me out of so many. I really appreciate that and feel honoured. But I think I won’t do any more Award posts.  I am really feeling happy for kind gesture of yours.Sorry dear once again.

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    1. These are my answers for your questions.

      1. People who love me inspired me to write the blog.
      2. I love romantic novels and Fictions.
      4. I prefer simple and traditional life style.
      5. Be calm and stay home. You can save other’s life just by staying at home.

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      1. Thank you so much for your wonderful and beautiful answers. Again congratulations! If you don’t mind, can I ask you the reason of no t giving answer of Qn no. 3? 😊


      2. In our culture, both women and men are treated in a different manner. Even though most of the families treat them equally, culture creates a thin line of discrimination between gender. I am totally against it and many of the youths are against it too. I just hope this disparity ends soon.

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      3. Thank you for your informational anwer. Actually it is a worldwide problem. I think we all whether boy or girl should speak out about this. I hope too we will be able to end this disparity. ☺☺


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